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Research Study Participation

A research study is being conducted on the plagiarism test. The purpose of this study is to look at how answers to test questions can be used to make tests shorter and more accurate.

Participation in the research study is completely voluntary. Your choice to participate will have no impact on your ability to take the test, the test itself, or your ability to earn a certificate. If you agree to be in the study, records about your test performance will be used for research purposes.

Do you agree to participate in the study and have records about your test performance used for research purposes?

If you have questions about this test, its record keeping, or related research, please contact the principle investigator, Dr. Theodore Frick.

For questions about your rights as a research participant or to discuss problems, complaints or concerns about a research study, or to obtain information, or offer input, contact the IU Human Subjects Office at (317) 278-3458 or [for Indianapolis] or (812) 856-4242 [for Bloomington] or (800) 696-2949.

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